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DEEP RESTORATION Packed with amino acids and minerals to revitalize and refresh hair and scalp / Infused with powerful antioxidants that protect the hair and extend color vibrancy / Soothes and moisturizes hair and scalp / Controls frizz and flyaways / Supercharges shine


DEEP PROTECTION Penetrates into each hair strand to protect fiber integrity and preserve color longevity / Enriched with Proline—a vital amino acid that promotes suppleness and provides intense hair hydration / Helps protect hair color from thermal, mechanical and environmental damage / Enhances elasticity / Promotes dazzling shine


Rich in antioxidants that protect hair integrity, preserving color and preventing premature fading / Helps protect hair from environmental aggressors that can inhibit color retention / Soothes and moisturizes the hair and scalp


A natural shield to protect from the free radicals generated by environmental stressors preventing premature color fading / Sourced from sunflower seeds


Provitamin B5 penetrates the hair shaft to give hair a thick and full appearance / Produces a high, reflective shine / Helps prevent damage from thermal styling tools / Helps protect hair and scalp from moisture loss


Soothes and conditions for radiant shine / A natural emollient, sourced from the fruit of the karite tree


A natural emollient that softens and brightens hair, leaving it feeling smooth and silky / An ancient beauty secret from Morocco, this precious oil is sourced from the kernels of Morocco’s argan fruit


Penetrates into each strand for enhanced manageability, shine and smoothness / Helps prevent moisture loss and encourages moisture retention / Adds body and volume / Promotes a soft, silky texture for all hair types


Helps protect hair from damage caused by chemical treatments, environmental stressors and mechanical and thermal styling / Tiny molecules penetrate the hair shaft to maintain strength and moisture from the inside out / “Smart” molecules seek out and fill gaps in the hair cuticle to repair and refine combability and shine


Provides natural moisture and softens hair / Sourced from European-cultivated olives

Our Legacy

We Promise

  • That our commitment to the professional will never change nor shift to mass market or at-home hair color. Ever.
  • To focus entirely on you, the professional hair designer, while you care for clients strictly in a professional salon environment.
  • That the answer will always be, “Yes that’s possible!”
  • Superior quality, relentless support, and rapid responsiveness.
  • To restore your faith in the integrity of our profession.
  • That change is possible – it is closer than you think!

At OYA, we have one key mission—to support you in your growth and artistic accomplishments as hair professionals.

While you may question professional commitment of certain hair brands and their investment in the artists and business leaders they serve, we can assure you that OYA will never waver in our commitment to you, the hair professional. We urge you to reclaim your professional destiny; to take back your profession and partner with a company that respects and supports your work and your artistry.

Connect with your local OYA distributor, and step into the OYA Circle of Success. Together, we can build the brightest professional future.

Benefits to Joining

OYA hair color performs. Simply and beautifully. It's uncomplicated yet multi-faceted. Developed by an international team of experts and made in the USA. Accessible, understandable, highly functional. Synergistic and consistent. Pared down to the essentials that every colorist demands – namely radiant, versatile, reflective color that retains the hair's integrity and shine.

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